It all began over a clean pile of laundry...

Jessie was immediately annoyed by Gerard's OCD folding tendencies.  Little did she know that those very same creases would be gracing her own t-shirts over ten years later.


Partners in crime since 2005.



BUT in the meantime, here are a few extra tidbits:

  • Aiming for Great Love is far better than perfect love. Our own lives -- both individually and together -- are based upon a faith that teaches us daily about the love of Our Creator, and when we look at our marriage in that light? The opportunities for grace and connection and joy become SO much clearer.
  • We think every family is better with more than two beings.  If you don't have kids - Get a pet!  (Or a podcast.)
  • Surprise your sweetheart as often as possible. Whether it's a love note in their pocket or a dance party in the the kitchen... just be sure you don't accidentally split your pants.
  • We tend to use a lot of metaphors because they're often the best tool for helping your partner understand a unique perspective. (ALSO: We're not fans of frosting, but hopes that YOU like it so that the next bullet point makes sense.)
  • Communication is like the icing on the relationship cake... You probably wouldn't bother serving one without the other, and most people agree that they taste WAY better together. 
  • Last / Obviously-Not-Least:  Marriage. Is. Funny. We're still figuring it out as we go, but have learned that the right mix of love + laughter is the best recipe for a healthy relationship.
People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.
— Dr. Seuss