no relationship is perfect but

you deserve great love.

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We named our podcast Marriage is Funny because it absolutely is. Tune in for honest conversations from a married couple who’s trying to figure things out just like everybody else.


Wish there were a roadmap to relationship success? This is your guide to reclaiming romance by digging in to a marriage that’s both fruitful and fun.

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Such a treat to hang out with our Great Love Gang in real life! You’re invited to attend our upcoming events, so get ready for humor, heartfelt stories + our world-famous pepper margs.

Belly laughs + bear hugs make everything better.
— The Peppers
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We believe

Marriage is important and beautiful and fun, but it can also be hard and confusing and messy.

Here’s the thing: we totally get it and you can listen in on the proof.

After hundreds of public conversations + nearly 15 years together, we’ve learned:

Deep connection grows when you give up on “perfect” and Choose a marriage that’s rooted in Great Love instead.


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Brilliant speakers, late-night comedy + authentic margaritas in the heart of Southern CA? Bring your partner and be the hero of the year.


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Nothing says breakthrough like a room full of new friends who love their spouse as much as you do.