Great Love Groups

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Great Love is WAY easier when you’re surrounded by a crew of like-minded friends.

White-knuckling your marriage gets exhausting after a while (we learned this the hard way in episode one!) and life is much happier when you have a safety-net of friendship that every relationship needs.

We want YOU to experience the same kind of support that you’ve shown to us throughout the years, and this is the perfect chance to create your own local great love gang.

Interested in hearing about the next time we launch? Please let us know by signing up right here:



What is a Great Love Group?

A crew of couples who understand that pursuing Great Love is better than perfect love. This is a chance to go deeper with like-minded pals in your area and such a fun way to connect with fellow marriage-enthusiasts! 

What is the purpose of GLG?

Married life is so much better when you have the support and friendship that every relationship needs. We learned this (the hard way) after a season of feeling lonely in our marriage despite vibrant social lives and rewarding careers. Once we began to create a tribe of our own, things changed for the better as we realized we weren’t alone! 

How many people should each group have? 

Up to you! Many of the leaders have signed up with a group already in mind, but ideally you’d have around 3-5 couples. We’re happy to connect you with other folks who have signed up from your area OR let you invite the kind of friends you’d like to have along for the ride. Nervous about asking people who’ve never heard of our show? Shoot us a note here and we’ll send you a handy script!

How often do we meet?

We are asking for our groups to commit to 10 meetings over the course of 2019. (Aiming for one per month beginning in FEB, and leaving some wiggle room for when the winter holidays arrive later this year.)

What happens at each hangout?

Each month, you’ll get a video message from us (to watch while your group is together) as well as some trigger questions to stir up conversations that tie into a specific theme for that meeting.  Beyond that, the fun part is up to you! Some groups will gather for potluck dinners and others might meet around the back table at their neighborhood bar. Sharing a meal is highly encouraged because it provides a special kind of connection, but other activities and adventures are great too!