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“Hi from Chile! I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and was immediately hooked. I so identified with both your story and struggles -- Turns out my wife and I have been advocates for marriage and Great Love forever! Anyways, I'm excited to catch up with season 3, and my commutes are definitely better since I discovered the show. THANKS for your incredible honesty and your passionate work. Big Bear Hugs!”

– MIF listener Camilo D.


“Hi, Peppers! I'm a new subscriber but wanted to start by telling you how very much I love tuning in to MIF. Although I'm not married, I have been with my partner for almost three years and your podcast inspires me to build a relationship that's as life-giving and strong as your bond clearly is! It has quickly become my favorite podcast, and thank you so much for your encouragement.”

– MIF listener Christina Q.


“Goodness gracious, you two... I am not married but I'm going to listen anyway. Why? Because marriage is a picture of all relationships, and we all need to learn how to love and communicate better in every circumstance. Keep doing what you're doing.”

– Leah M. + all the Single Ladies


“Jessie + Gerard,  Mom and I listened to the first installment of your marriage podcast and wow, it was really great!! It was most interesting and so very real. My only unsolicited suggestion is to trim it 5-7 minutes as many podcasts I listen to are just 20-25 minutes. I can't wait to hear the entire series as you go forward...”

– Jessie’s Dad



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