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Myth #4: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks


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It all started four years ago when we realized that our marriage might be down for the count.

Our home was full of heartbreak and the connection between us had gotten WAY bent out of shape.

A podcast seemed like the very last thing on a list of helpful ideas but Jessie is gutsy (and Gerard was desperate) so we decided to try it anyway! Now we’re here nearly four years later and encouraging other couples along their own journey has become one of our life’s biggest honors.

The only reason we’re still together is this:

We learned that releasing our tight grip on perfection is the best way to free up our hands for the kind of bear hugs that bring us back together again and again.

Talking things out (thoroughly + often!) is the practice that taught us what Great Love looks like, but we’ve also seen that surrounding ourselves with like-minded couples is JUST as important to the overall foundation of a strong and happy marriage.

Join us (and many others!) on the journey toward Great Love and we’ll do our best to remind you that there’s healing to be had when you learn to find the humor in every mess.