It's about to get real, friends...

Launch day is right around the corner (TUESDAY the 26th!) and we are equal parts excited and nervous -- which means that Jessie is dancing around trying not to pee in her pants and Gerard is calmly sitting on the couch looking at his fantasy baseball scores.

(You wish you were here. We totally get it.)

To be completely honest, we've still got TONS of work to do, and could really use your help in spreading the word this weekend...

If you happen to be a social-media butterfly, you can click right here to send a tweet our way, and we'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on why YOU think marriage is funny. Be sure to use the hashtag #marriageisfunny, and tag us at @meetthepeppers so that we can be a part of the fun! 

Your thoughts and stories could be featured in upcoming episodes of the show, and our hope is that the buzz will really help to kick Tuesday off with a bang. 

(Not THAT kind of bang... Gerard, don't get your hopes up.)

One last thing before we sign off and let you get back to your Saturday: There is still time to answer our super-quick anonymous survey, and we have already been blown away by the thoughtful and generous responses that you've sent in so far.

Can't tell you how fun this is going to be, so crank up the volume and let's get this party started!

With Love and Laughter,

Gerard + Jessie

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