Rule 078 | Always Keep A Plunger Within Arms Reach

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A special episode of Marriage is Funny where The Peppers talk all about houseguests having them, being them + what to do when they take over your lives from now until January 1st. Gerard + Jessie give some helpful tips when it comes to managing expectations, and making your home a great place to host guests.

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  • The Peppers have simplified their holiday plans by letting things fall into place around the plans of other family members.

  • We gave a rundown of our usual Thanksgiving approach in last years episode: Rule 066 | Spontaneous Combustion Is No Laughing Matter.

  • We no longer have the “Friendsgiving” excuse for not being with our own families around the holidays, and now have to be a bit more careful about hurting the feelings of our own parents.

  • One way to alleviate “Family FOMO” is to make sure that the partner who’s away from their family during a holiday gets some extra TLC by choosing at least a few of the holiday traditions.

  • Being regular houseguests has helped us learn how to be better hosts. We have a handful of favorite things about staying with friends + family, so take a listen to the comprehensive list as a way to make your home an extra cozy nest for guests.

Houseguest-HOSTING TIPS from the Peppers

  1. Comfy cozy bed. Fill your duvet covers with TWO comforters to make things extra luxurious.

  2. Temperature control. Let your guests have their say with the thermostat.

  3. Coffee Set-up. Everyone has a strong opinion about this one, but supplying the caffeine basics will make a significant difference.

  4. Give A Grand Tour. Bathrooms, parking, entrances, kitchen cupboards, etc.

  5. Water Access. Give a head’s up on things like faucets, filters, or bottled.

  6. Wi-fi Log In. Put the network name and password in a prominent place.

  7. Plunger Placement. Bathroom supplies should be easy to find and fully stocked at all times.

  8. Room Layout. Don’t clutter the space with too much of your own stuff.

  9. Preferred Linens. Decent sheets + towels go a very long way.

Gerard’s Holiday Family-Time Playbook

  1. The Traditional Trade — Alternating years and/or actual occasions. Use the predictability of it to manage expectations.

  2. The Marathon — Hitting all houses and invites in order to make everyone happy. Bonus points if you get pie at every stop.

  3. The Wild Card — Do whatever the hell you want and don’t worry too much about breaking tradition. Perfect opportunity for visiting friends or taking a private vacation, but deliver the news carefully to avoid hurting feelings.

  4. The Home Team Advantage — Become a real adult by hosting the holiday on your own turf. Stay mindful of group dynamics and don’t be surprised by a random mix of people.


  1. Have you ever felt “Family FOMO” when spending a holiday away from your parents + siblings?

  2. What are the top three details that you appreciate when being a houseguest?

  3. Do you have any things that you are too grossed out to share with your spouse?