Rule 082 | Always Prune Your Bushes Before A Big Party

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This episode features an in-depth look at The Pepper’s end-of-year traditions. Jessie is on the fence about their big epiphany party plans next month but Gerard has ulterior motives because he loves her festive cooking. Pruning the garden happens in conjunction with pruning our calendars for 2019 and both can be painful if you don’t keep an eye out for the thorns.

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  • The backstory of our big Epiphany Party can be found by listening here. Our new year doesn’t technically begin until the day-after-party debrief, but hosting parties together is one of our favorite pasttimes

  • Did you hear that our stove saga has been solved? Jessie’s new kitchen appliance has seriously changed the dinner-party game..

  • Jessie’s grocery store pals make a reappearance from Episode 47.

  • Purging the garage resulted in a loss of important paint cans.

  • The infamous armoire has finally been around long enough that it needs to be snazzed up with some organization.

  • Our mattress history gives some context about why a bedroom swap is impending.

  • Gerard is in charge of our green thumb duties and follows pruning rules to a T when it comes to his show-stopping roses.

  • We’ve purged our closets in the past, but lately this project has felt a little too bristly to feature on the show.

  • Gerard’s busy work schedule has made it difficult to connect amidst an already very busy season.

  • Travel has been a very big part of our relationship and we’re craving it as a chance to reconnect with one another. Hear more about our tips, tricks + justifications by listening to the Summer Travel Series from 2017.

  • The new year is a great time for dream-lining, and you can listen to us practice that together back in Episode 35.

  • Jessie launched a new business a few years ago and you can get the backstory from our archives and then take a peek at her website for more info.

  • Get focused for the new year by checking out the Essentialism book right here.

  • Here is a description of the Tim Ferriss Year in Review process that we typically follow for our pre-January pow-wow.

  • Listen to the tear-jerking episode that provoked the latest one-star review.