Rule 010 | Getting Across The Country Takes Longer Than You Might Think

Today, we're celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, and bringing you an exciting episode that is filled with big news...

We’re going on tour! We’re moving to LA! We are coming to give you bear hugs in person!

Listen to this week’s show to find out about connecting with us in your hometown, and hear the most notable (and often outlandish) things we’ve learned about marriage over the last eight years.

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  • Gerard gets our intro confused with karaoke hour at the neighborhood dive bar.
  • Cross-country tour? Don’t mind if we do! 125.4 hours of driving. That is not a typo.
  • We're hoping to pop up at a dinner party near you, and Jessie WILL make you dinner in exchange for a bear hug.
  • Excited to record the highlights from our trip on our new HTC Re camera, and if you've been enjoying the little videos in the FB group, just let us know and we’ll keep ‘em coming.
  • Meeting new friends, and finding good coffee on the road. The pros and cons of taking a month to drive nearly 4,000 miles.
  • Jessie shares a convincing list of the Eight Reasons You Should Come See Us On Tour.
  • Gerard’s shares that his fantasy dreams involve Louis CK. Yikes.
  • We want to hook up her single pals at upcoming MIF events! New matchmaking career in the works?
  • Sadie Mae Pepper is obviously coming with us! Can we bribe you to come see us by offering free puppy snuggles?
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  • We plan out the celebrations for our 8th Anniversary on the air... This is new for us. We BOTH forgot about our 1st anniversary and ended up marking the occasion with a lame selfie and a buffet dinner. PROOF:
"Look Mom, no wrinkles!"

"Look Mom, no wrinkles!"

  • The Eight Things That We’ve Learned in Each Year of Marriage: Hang light-fixtures with caution. Everyone grieves differently. Friends move away. Finding a fulfilling career is important. Camping on the living room floor is fun. Scented candles suck. Workcations are the best. Great love is way better then perfect love.
  • We have decided that year nine is going to be our best yet, and we're REALLY excited to have you along for the ride.


  • What would your ideal Marriage is Funny event look like? Send us a note if you'd like to help by hosting us in your town!
  • Who are the people in your current city that help make it feel like a golden time?
  • Ask your partner to share a big thing they've been dreaming about, and then help them answer the question: What's the worst that could happen?

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