Rule 045 | Angry People Have The Most Wrinkles

The dishwasher drama continues when Gerard gets mad about the botched installation of The Pepper's latest appliance. The Peppers both turn a bit red in the face, but thankfully Jessie has a skin cream for pretty much everything.

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  • Gerard gives some good advice for how you should react if anyone ever throws a trash can at you.

  • When it comes to arguing, Jessie likes to get into it and then get past it while Gerard usually prefers to just get out of the room.

  • The Peppers break their own rules and talk about the unresolved fight that they had the night before recording.

  • Our introverted and extroverted natures make for different communication styles, particularly when processing through a conflict.

  • We decide to keep the newspaper swatting to a minimum after remembering from Episode 27 that we DO have neighbors who like to call the cops.

  • Gerard and Jessie learn the difference between being an argument escalator and argument elevator… Stay tuned for Jessie’s conversation about this with Liz Bohannon on our spin-off mini-series called The Perfect Wife. (Coming Thanksgiving 2017!)

  • Hear our original skincare conversation about sunscreen in Episode 34, and then listen in as Jessie makes yet another request for Gerard to start taking better care of himself.

  • The Peppers recognize the flaws on their skin as giving them a nice healthy dose of humility. (And an opportunity to rub medicated cream on each other.)

  • Gray hair and aging are revisited as mortality is discussed... Jessie gives a quick rundown of her skincare values, and professes the benefits of her favorite vibrating tools. (Clarisonic MiaNuFace, and Quip!)


  1. When was the maddest you have ever seen your spouse?

  2. In arguments, are you more of an internal processor or a verbal processor? How about your partner?

  3. What part of aging are you most looking forward to? Least excited about?