Rule 049 | Pacifists Fight With Puns Not Guns

One of our listeners is concerned that Gerard is the brunt of every joke, but he assures you that his love of comedy is keeping his mood afloat. Pacifism puts the Peppers in an awkward position, and Jessie explains why she sleeps with a baseball bat underneath her bed.

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  • Jessie thinks back to Episode 45 when she learns that calling Gerard an idiot is off-limits but teasing about his gray hair is completely fair game.

  • Gerard shares about his past stand-up performances, and Jessie tries to persuade him to keep stepping up to the mic.

  • We haven’t explained it recently, but here is a reminder about how/why we have a conjanglement of last names. (Easily one of our most frequently asked questions!)

  • Gerard recalls the details of an ancient twitter war between them, and Jessie is relieved that she’s much quicker to laugh than she used to be.

  • A late-night neighborhood crime proves that Gerard cares more about protecting Jessie than he normally admits.


  1. Are there any subjects that are completely off limits when you and your partner are joking around?
  2. When was the last time you dialed 9-1-1?
  3. Have you and your partner ever been in a position where one of you had to physically protect the other person?

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