Rule 053 | You’re Not A True Adult Until You’ve Hosted Holiday Dinner

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This week, The Peppers chat about weird turkey traditions and upcoming holiday travel. Gerard is looking forward to “digging in” with his Arizona in-laws, and Jessie stresses out about impressing her family with something more exciting than green beans. The duo gushes about their hot sauce obsession and quickly realizes that not everyone you meet can take the same amount of heat.

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  • Apparently, holiday turkey can be turned into a delicacy when it’s cooked in a dirt hole, you can probably guess which one of us is more disgusted at the thought of such a barbaric act.

  • The Peppers stake their claim of a true Friendsgiving, and then tell the story of how their own tradition came to be.

  • Jessie is giving up control of the dinner this year, and she’ll be celebrating with a large pile of kale at her parents house in Arizona next week.

  • If you happen to be a baking expert, please send all crust-advice to Gerard for his inaugural cherry-popping pie-baking adventure.

  • The Peppers share about how they decide to spend certain holidays with certain family members, and while they’ve always tried to keep it simple, explaining things here gets a leeeeetle complicated.

  • Jessie redirects her emotions by trying to make others happy when she feels sad around the holidays. Piling her plate high with vegetables also happens to help.

  • The Peppers chat about giving homemade hot sauce to their friends and neighbors for Christmas this year, and you can find the recipe for Jessie’s spicy sauce right here. (FYI, it’s a 3.5 - 3.75 on the spiciness heat index, and five is obviously medium.)

  • Visit our favorite salsa spot in Kansas City and send us a few bottles of your favorite!

  • Anyone one can own blistered shishito peppers at home, but make sure to nibble the ends to be sure you don’t get hit with a spice bomb.

  • Gerard’s favorite youtube show is called Hot Ones, and you can watch his favorite recent episode with DJ Khaled right here.

  • Jessie spills the beans about yet another spin-off show for The Peppers... Spoiler Alert: It is NOT going to be called The Terrific Husband.


  1. Who is your favorite person to sit by at holiday family dinners?

  2. What was the best handmade Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

  3. If you had to pick ONLY one brand or flavor of hot sauce to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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