Rule 052 | Fresh Flowers Cause More Headache Than They’re Worth

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In Episode 52, The Peppers discuss their feelings about plants + guests of the in-house-variety. Gerard almost kills Jessie with a bouquet of birthday flowers, and the duo chats through the pros and cons of surprising each other with social activities.

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  • Gerard accidentally sends Jessie a bouquet of her least favorite flowers, and the migraines come back with a vengeance.

  • Jessie begins to neglect the outdoor garden at Casa de Pepper, so Gerard has to step in and nurse the dying plants back to health.

  • We argue over whose turn it is to weed the garden, and assure you that this is one of the times that phrase is not used as a euphemism.

  • Jessie admits to being surprised by Gerard for the very first time, ever. He flew in two of her very best friends for her birthday last week, and she can’t believe that his late-night cleaning sessions didn’t give it all away.

  • The Peppers begin to touch on their Meyers-Briggs personalities when it comes to Judging and Perceiving… Take the online quiz and get ready for a full M-B episode during our upcoming Season Four!

  • Jessie has a habit of sneaking alone time during our annual Epiphany Parties. And when she wants people to leave? She turns on this song and rejoins the party after a quick outfit change.


1. Has your partner ever given you a gift that you didn't/couldn't enjoy?

2. If you could spend a weekend of quality time with any two friends in the world, who would they be?

3. Have you ever figured out a surprise from someone before they had a chance to give it to you?

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