Rule 051 | Everything Is Annoying When You're Already Irritated

This week, Gerard fesses up to a bad habit that we thought he had kicked, only to find out that Jessie has known about it the entire time. The Peppers are peeling back the curtain on how their podcast is recorded, and you’ll hear about how painful this particular episode has been to produce.

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  • Gerard realizes that the cell-phone addiction that he talked about in Episode 9 has reappeared in the form of checking the news about this year's presidential election.  

  • Jessie uses the example of a bad habit we discussed in Episode 30 to illustrate her effective, yet gentle strategy to stop annoying behaviors.

  • Gerard wishes that Jessie would stop painting her nails right before they leave the house, but they agree that it’s WAY better than painting them in the car, and they learned that lesson the hard way in Episode 15.  

  • We’ve talked about podcasting before ( in Episode 4 + Episode 17 ), but we’re giving an even closer inside look at why and how we bother to produce this show for you every week.

  • Jessie shares her full-time podcasting dreams in Episode 35, and Gerard blurts out his big-time fitness goals to make her feel better.

  • The Peppers are wrapping up Season Three on Thanksgiving Week, and we’re excited to launch our new show The Perfect Wife at the same time!


1.  How many times a day do you check the latest news headlines?

2.  Do you have a go-to trick for pulling your partner out of a bad mood?

3.  What's the crappiest Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?

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