Rule 015 | Never Try To Paint Your Nails While Riding In The Car

The Peppers are excited to welcome a very special guest on this week's show... Our roommate (who is also Jessie's younger brother) Joey is here to give you a sneak peek at what it’s like to live with the nuttiest married couple you know.


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  • Joey kicks things off with a story by throwing Jessie under the bus. She promptly stuffs him into the glove box to get revenge.

  • Having a third wheel brings accountability AND comic relief, and both are bits of the past year that feel more valuable than we imagined.

  • Mealtime is too important to waste with a fight. Figure it all out before the forks get picked up.

  • Fostering a 23 year old has taught us that honesty puts out fires like a high-powered hose.

  • Little brother’s make the best sounding boards. Who knew?

  • Joey is the freaking best. You guys are going to fall in love with him and probably wish that this were his podcast instead of ours.


  • Do you ever feel embarrassed to fight in front of family members?
  • Who is the one person (besides your partner) that knows your own kind of "crazy" the most thoroughly?
  • What is one way you would try to keep your partner sane during a cross-country road trip? (Bonus points for sending the best ideas our way.)