Rule 063 | Babies Take Way More Work Than Podcasts

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Still no plans to have kids of our own, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put our (amateur) parenting skills to good use. Jessie gives Gerard a pep talk while he processes his emotions, and we both resolve to be better about arguing with generous amounts of grace.

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  • Looking for the backstory on our parenting status? Ep 40 is where we dig in to the personal decision that we get asked about at LEAST twice a week.

  • Jessie recently opened up in a blog post about motherhood doubts from an intentional non-mom.

  • We’re excited about the short-term voluntary care organization that we volunteer with, and you should definitely check to see if there is a Safe Families chapter in your area!

  • Gerard comes clean about a WIDE range of emotions: sadness, relief, guilt, confusion… We’ve both changed our minds at least once throughout this process, but wholeheartedly agree that being generous is our priority.

  • We've learned that accepting help from our church family has been the only way to survive our first care-taking placement.

  • Gerard has a propensity for correcting Jessie when she gives inaccurate statements. There are “no buts” about the fact that arguing fairly requires a willingness to be wrong every once in awhile.

  • Saying "YES, AND" is a very useful marriage tip when communicating with your partner -- Whether you’re playing an actual improv game or decided where to go for dinner, we highly recommend agreeing with each other as a way to move the moment forward.



  1. What would it take to fit an extra kid into your household and life for a weekend? 

  2. Do you consider your partner to be more of a "yes and" person or a "no but" person?

  3. Does your family have an abundance of something (time, money, love, skills) that you could be radically generous with as a way to help someone else?