Rule 084 | Never Shove A Metal Object Into A Hot Microwave

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The Peppers have been living with Jessie’s family for five weeks, and let’s just say there are many reasons why they’re happy to finally be “pushed” out of the nest.

There are plenty of pros and cons about having parental roommates but no matter how you slice it, the abundance of quality time takes the cake.

We had SO much fun in the live hangout last week, we’re doing another post-game recap sometime this weekend! We’ll post it on instagram when we pick a date and time, and be sure to join the facebook group for all the juicy stories and behind the scenes dish!

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  • Confused about our living status? Listen to Ep 83 for the backstory and to find out why we’ve been living like gypsies.

  • The Peppers discuss the dangers of overstaying their welcome, and hope that their efforts of pitching in will make it easier to have them around.

  • Gerard has gotten used to having a short-order cook and Jessie compulsively cleans the kitchen while everyone else rolls their eyes.

  • Treating the family for dinner is not as easy as it sounds… most of the time our Dad’s are too savvy to let us snag the check!

  • Jessie fesses up to being the microwave delinquent and Gerard gets heated about his in-law’s cabinet habits.

  • Spoiler Alert! Gerard was right: There is a “THE” in front of Usual Suspects. Also, maybe skip this episode if you don’t want to ruin the movie?

  • Jessie has spent the last several months figuring out how to survive as an introvert who has been thrust into non-stop family time.

  • Martha + Ray have adopted The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but now the closet cast-offs seem to be clogging up the guest room.

  • The Peppers finally realize that THEY are actually horning in on the lives of their gracious hosts. Guess that means it’s time to get going!

Trigger Questions:

  1. Which partner’s family would be most easy for you to live with?

  2. Does your family have an obvious weirdo? (If you’re looking around, it might actually be you!)

  3. What is your favorite way to spend an unexpected burst of alone time?

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