Rule 083 | The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Street

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In what could possibly be known as the longest-shortest move of all time, The Peppers have now (nearly) landed in the house across the street. This week they learned that leaving in a hurry is less than ideal, but that nothing says “home” like a block full of generous neighbors.

There was SO much to say in the Season 7 premier, so we’re hosting a live post-game recap on Wednesday, June 5 at 5pm PT! Tune in to FB for some exclusive deleted scenes and in the meantime, get excited for the Marriage Summit that we announced for Spring 2020!

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  • Disclaimer: Anything that might accidentally sound like legal advice in this episode is NOT actually legal advice.

  • Jessie never wants to see another cardboard box as long as she lives, and you can find out why by reading this post about Love As Big As A House.

  • The Pepper’s lose their home to a landlady with no heart, but they are trying to be gracious despite the desperate wishes to stay put.

  • Jessie claims that she’s not planning on speaking to “the woman who shall not be named” but you can place your own over/under bets on how long it takes before they’ve officially made amends.

  • Learn more about the magic of The Three Kings in Episode 21.

  • This is not the first time that Jessie has had woes about moving her toiletries… Listen to Episode 16 for the backstory and say a prayer for her skincare if you think of it this Summer!

  • No surprise here, but the generosity of our neighbors is one of the things that makes us so resistant to leave!

  • The Peppers realize they’re second-guessing the security of having a real home-base. As usual, clinging to each other ends up being the best way to stay rooted in Great Love.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What are the three items you could not live without if you had to put all your things in storage for the next three months.

  2. Have you and your partner ever disagreed on how to handle a large life decision?

  3. In your opinion, is it possible to act with both graciousness + righteousness after you've been wronged?

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