Rule 092 | Every Couple Needs At Least One Jackass

MIF Rule 092.png

This week, we’re learning that ideas are like rabbits... Leave them alone for five minutes and you’ll have way more than you bargained for. Jessie’s enormous pile of topics is causing a log-jam and it’s going to take a miracle (or a bonfire) to burn through the logistics of daily life in an effort to reconnect. We may be breaking the rules of our usual podcast format, but it’s taken us back to the original roots of this show. 

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Quick Bites:

  • As we game plan the house projects for our recent move, it has crowded out some of the things that are actually FUN to talk about. 

  • The Peppers stay connected through three specific things: Travel, Shared Projects + Heartfelt Conversations. 

  • Our Wheel of Fortune discussion gave us a chance to determine how to spend time together after we eat dinner. 

  • Gerard’s busy work schedule rears its ugly head yet again.

Trigger Questions:

  1. Which partner is more of the conversational enthusiast?

  2. Share one topic you’d like to talk about with your partner from both the logistical and life-giving categories. 

  3. How do you organize the list of things that you need (or want!) to talk about with your partner?