Rule 091 | Don't Show Up To Your Anniversary Empty-handed

MIF Rule 091.png

This week, we’re hashing out the meaning and the messes behind our recent anniversary gifts. Gerard makes a strong impression with something silky and then Jessie (accidentally) breaks his heart with a failed scavenger hunt. 

Thanks to Grounded (our Marriage Summit!) for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to join us in Long Beach on Feb 20-22, 2020 and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • We stand by our warning about Summer weddings (and backsweat). 

  • The backstory about our flower failure is blooming yet again.

  • The list of anniversary materials is helpful when you’re searching for the perfect gift.

  • Gerard treats Jessie to the most luxurious way to sleep. We talked about her lost pillowcase earlier this season and now thankfully the silk situation has been solved.

  • Jessie nearly burns Gerard’s face off with a new habanero “exfoliator.”

  • Gerard’s hot sauce habit is something that jessie always appreciates at dinner time.

  • Jessie wonders if she inspired the recent suitcase shenanigans by griping about Gerard’s unclaimed denim jacket. 

  • Birthdays (or really any special occasion) can be sticky situations when you come from different frames of reference... We’ve discussed this in the past but it remains to be a challenge!

Trigger Questions:

  1. What is your fondest anniversary memory together?

  2. Have you ever had a “date night fail” or special occasion gone wrong?

  3. What is your favorite errand to run with your partner?