Rule 041 | Shared Hobbies Lead To Shared Arguments

The Peppers may share a keen love of personal style, but they still enjoy the chance to kick off their shoes and let loose. Gerard admits that he's starting to feel the Birkenstock-burn, and Jessie is hoping that their summer will be full of bike riding and brunch.

It's time to save-the-date for our next Great Love Getaway! We're heading to Puerto Vallarta in October 2016, and we'd love to have you join us.

You asked for t-shirts and we did our best to deliver some swag... Three cool styles, now available for our gangster buddies UNTIL FRIDAY JUNE 10th!


  • Gerard's current footwear of choice was inspired by everyone's favorite old man from Brooklyn.
  • Jessie publicly declares her newfound love of turtlenecks right here
  • Check out Gerard's Guy Style column if you're looking for some dude-friendly fashion advice.
  • If you're curious about what Jessie does with her wardrobe cast-offs, you can take a peek at her Poshmark closet (and help support our sailing fund at the same time).
  • Gerard has to pick between sailing lessons or new boat shoes, and we bet you can guess what he happens to choose. 
  • Jessie's new podcast project is called The Perfect because the perfect wife is not... her. (Duh.) Listen in for interviews with women like Jess Connolly, Erin Loechner, Whitney English + more!
  • The Peppers are hoping to snap more blog photos and write more jokes this summer. 
  • Listen to another convo we had about the challenges of podcasting (and fighting) right from Episode 17 in Season One.
  • Graeme in Seattle was surprised by our blow-up confession from Episode 25. It's sad to say that this was not an isolated incident.
  • The Peppers have tried to link up for a shared project before, but the burned sweet potato fries made the efforts feel futile. (Tune in to Episode 11 for the full story.)


  1. What is the one trend that you most regret wearing? 
  2. Have you ever felt physically or mentally uncomfortable because of something that you had on?
  3. When it comes to bike rides, are you more motivated by the calorie burn or the chance of a swanky brunch at the end?

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