Rule 087 | Illegal Fireworks Are Always Overrated

MIF Rule 087.png

Summertime certainly has it’s pros and cons, but The Peppers try to balance each other out while they cover the nitty-gritty. We’re celebrating the holiday with a special episode of the show and be sure to follow along on IG to see the real-time action from our festive neighborhood this week! 

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  • Jessie loves: Bae Days! Sand coasters, pool floats + sunscreen for all

  • Gerard loves: Cornhole Tournaments! Spoiler alert: he may have a trophy for his form, but don’t expect to see him in the finals anytime soon. 

  • Jessie loves: Fresh Produce! Sign us up for fruits + veggies for every meal.

  • Because we know you’ll ask: Jessie is working on recipes for the blackberry feta dip and watermelon fizz this week and they will hopefully be posted over on Style + Pepper soon! 

  • Gerard loves: Sunset Happy Hours! A chance to connect with each other while he practices his mixology.

  • Jessie loves: 4th of July Bloody Mary Bar! On our block, the festivities get kicked off with tons of fixings + flavor. 

  • Gerard loves: Horny Corner in Belmont Shore! Sand couches, beer hats, and more bikinis than you’ve seen all year. 

  • Jessie dislikes: Fireworks. They stress out the dog and you can hear about her past anxiety issues back in Episode 73.

  • Gerard dislikes: Excessive Amounts Of Dog Hair. Might be time to get a Roomba? Either that, or Sadie needs to borrow the hair supplements we talked about last week.

  • Jessie dislikes: Body Hair Maintenance. When you show more skin it means you have more surface area to shave. 

  • Gerard dislikes: Sweating In Bed. Our house without AC means a total lack of privacy and a robust fleet of fans.

  • Gerard also dislikes: swarming flies. The key is to steer clear of the alley and keep all the screens closed.

  • Jessie dislikes: Tourists. Specifically – sandy towels, illegal parking, and husbands who wear tank tops.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What are your favorite and least favorite things about Summer?

  2. If you could only eat one fruit or veggie for the entire season, which one would it be and how would you prepare it?

  3. Men in tanks tops… Yes or No?