Rule 088 | Keep Your Shoes Close And Your Flashlight Closer

MIF Rule 088.png

The two recent earthquakes in Southern CA have kept The Peppers on their toes. A rumbling house has led Jessie to believe that they’re living on a fault line, while Gerard realizes that growing up in California didn’t really teach him very much about earthquakes.

Relaxing on the 4th of July was interrupted by Jessie’s voice from upstairs AND the house shaking beneath their feet. (Verdict is still out on which of the two events might have caused the other to occur.) 

Tune in as they navigate the ins and outs of emergency preparedness and find out what to do amidst the corresponding marriage conflict. 

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  • Gerard might be married to a psychic, but he has enough of his own powers to know that Jessie’s been a part of Team Nap all along. 

  • Following random bursts of inspiration during the occasional “cat think” is what leads Jessie to some of her best works

  • Doorframe or duck-and-cover? The Peppers try to decipher which is the best approach during a 45-second earth-shattering alarm.

  • Gerard’s seismic past does not make him a convincing expert when it comes to tectonic activity. 

  • Jessie’s note to news reporters: Please refrain from using dumb words during a life or death experience! 

  • Gerard is not the only one who has a crush on lead seismologist Lucy Jones.

  • Wonder what you’re actually supposed to do after surviving a natural disaster? Avoid screaming to conserve your energy, use text messages instead of phone calls, and always make sure your family knows the master plan. 

  • Jessie’s predisposition to conspiracy theories is very possibly going to turn her into a doomsday-prepper. 

Trigger Questions:

  1. Which partner is most likely to be overly prepared in the face of a natural disaster?

  2. Did you ever have to learn or practice any type of emergency drills as a kid?

  3. Design your perfect storm bunker together... don’t forget amenities, snack foods + entertainment!