Rule 089 | Backyard Jungles Are Not Meant To Be Tamed

MIF Rule 89.png

The Peppers are discussing backyard security after a raccoon tries to sneak in their bedroom window and an army of ants sets up camp in the kitchen. Tune in as they make a defense plan against household pests and the corresponding (stinky) antics.

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  • Here is the pet-safe and kid-safe bug repellent that Jessie tried... So far, the ant spray has not worked, but we’re hopeful about the fly traps. 

  • Bug-A-Salt 2.0 comes highly recommended from a gadget-centric friend.

  • Gerard may claim to be a pacifist, but that has nothing to do with his vendetta against household pests.

  • One of the many benefits to having super close neighbors is that they can easily pop over to help secure the perimeter in the middle of the night.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What is the absolute worst pest infestation that you can possibly imagine?

  2. Have you ever been startled by an out-of-place animal at your home? 

  3. What is your least favorite way to be woken up in the middle of the night?