Rule 086 | Medicine Cabinets Make Great Housewarming Gifts

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The Peppers recent move has majorly shifted ownership of the bathroom-counter real estate. Gerard is ready to revamp his grooming routine and is willing to accept help with the hair on his head AND his face.

Meanwhile: Jessie wants straightening trays, but Gerard is concerned that it will drain their bank account. After having braces for nearly a decade, it seems like her little chompers should be as straight as they come.

Finally, The Peppers discuss how investing in personal appearance can be balanced out by the other ways that they both save (or spend) their money. Jessie’s wrinkle cream currently takes up a decent percentage of the total amount, but her recent discovery in Mexico might be the way to cut corners on the cost.

Tune in for post-game with the Peppers on Friday, June 28th at 5pm PT! Be sure to join the gang over there to hear all our juicy stories that didn’t make it onto the air. 

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  • Our “June Boxes” have been retrieved and the corresponding toiletries are taking up some serious space in the breakdown of who gets which beauty cabinet.

  • We’ve talked about our skincare regimen on several past episodes: sunscreen, wrinkles, and the best travel toiletries.

  • Because we know you’ll ask: here is Jessie’s favorite exfoliator, the moisturizing serum that she gave Gerard, and the skin oil that combats facial redness

  • Gerard’s facial hair makes a repeat appearance (from both Ep 28 + Ep 67) on the show. Jessie admits that his beard-to-mullet ratio is one of the ways she determines her opinion of how he keeps his look. 

  • Is it a naturally high hairline or male pattern baldness? Either way, we’ve found a fix and now Gerard has a much healthier head of hair that is more full than when we met.

  • Can extreme stress cause hair loss? 👈🏼 Check out this article that makes a fairly convincing case.  

  • The bruush has caused some segregation in the dental care department of our bathroom and now the toothbrushes must be kept separate so that their bristles never touch.

  • Has anyone else had a palate expander that ruined their life? The Peppers are thinking of starting a petition to get them banned by the Geneva Convention. 

  • Gerard got an urgent phone call in Guatemala when Jessie got bad news at the orthodontist. 

  • Does wrinkle cream deserve its own category in the family budget? Tune in to find out how we’re cutting down on skincare costs by crossing country borders.

Trigger Quesions:

  1. Which partner has a more committed/copious grooming routine? Does that person also happen to hog the bathroom real estate?

  2. Do you and your partner ever disagree about how much money goes toward either persons beauty/grooming habits?

  3. Would you ever consider getting braces or straightening trays?