Rule 004 | Never Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public

This show was originally supposed to be about laundry, but Jessie has a melt down, so Gerard throws in the towel.

Quick Bites:

  • Episode 4 brings a funk, so we scrap the whole thing to bring you the most honest conversation yet.

  • Jessie’s voice gets a lot higher when she cries. This makes editing our levels very difficult.

  • Sifting through honest conversations to find the valuable nuggets has turned out to be much harder than real-life panning for gold.

  • On-tape fighting. Special request for our best friend, Ric.

  • Jessie has an epiphany while she’s running, and when she bursts into the room it rallies the wavering energy of the week.

  • We actually ARE really stoked about laundry detergent, but you’ll have to stay tuned for “the lost episode” to find out why.

  • Gerard’s comedy theory informs Jessie’s consulting for creative entrepreneurs… (We were just as surprised as you are.)

  • We share a big sneak peek at some of our upcoming topics, and then give YOU a chance to pick for an upcoming show. (Weigh in here.)

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Trigger Question:

  • List three things that you’re excited to talk with your partner about… What is getting you fired up lately?!  Start your own chat-list!

Share your answers with us in the facebook group, and we love digging in with the lively bunch hanging out over there!

Rule 001 | Don't Try to Hang a Chandelier Together in Your First Year of Marriage

We FINALLY kick off our first episode and can't help but hit the ground running. You'll hear a bit of backstory on how we met along with the reasons why starting a podcast feels like an important part of our current reality. (Spoiler: A few of the reasons are self-indulgent and we borrow a page from the book of one of our favorite married couples, Rob + Kristen Bell.) We also start to explore the big dreams and future plans for this little community, beginning with a private Facebook group that you can join right here.

Listen for the story of our first big fight, and a declaration that Rule #1 for marriage should be “Don’t try to hang a chandelier together in your first year.” Jessie shares about how being a wife sometimes make her want to throw things, and Gerard learns that he has set unattainable standards for himself as a husband. We decide together that searching for Great Love (instead of perfect love) is the best approach, and that the accountability of this show will be the best way to do just that.

References: The Zim Zum of Marriage by Rob + Kristen Bell


  • We start the show exactly how Jessie starts her jogs. Which also elicits instant concern from the neighbors.

  • Rob + Kristen Bell’s book is next on our list. His killer podcast is already a shared favorite.

  • We’ve got big dreams for this little community... Join the MIF facebook group to take a podshot at Gerard.

  • The birthplace of our “idyllic” college courtship. (And the movie we saw on our first/accidental date.)

  • Jessie's favorite place to shop for chandeliers and Gerard’s favorite way to prevent electrocution.

  • See our current light fixture above, and get your own swag hooks to be fancy like us.

  • Jessie compares being a wife to this classic pastime and fesses up to temper-tantrum box throwing.

  • Gerard wants to earn a simple trophy for his art of husbandry.

  • We decide to set out on the hunt for Great Love, and then commit to putting our aspirations for perfection to rest.

Try 'em at home trigger Questions:

  • When was the first time that you can remember having a fight with your partner?

  • Which year of marriage has been your most difficult?

  • What does the phrase “Great Love” mean to you?

Talk it out amongst yourselves, and free to share your thoughts with us here!