Rule 068.5 | An Audio Christmas Card From The Peppers

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays from your favorite podcasting duo! We love you guys and we'll be back with a full new episode before the end of this year. ♥️


  • Jessie's festive "bobsled cocktail" recipe can be found here
  • Follow our holiday antics on instagram while we're away.
  • Get involved with the show by checking out the t-shirts and letterpress prints in our shop!
  • Try episode 23 if you like rollerblades and episode 38 if you are particular about the proper way to hold hands. 
  • Gerard's least favorite episode involves the story of how he split his pants on vacation. Jessie admits that it will probably be her gift-wrapping entertainment for this week. 
  • We're headed to Puerto Vallarta for our next Great Love Getaway in April 2018. Grab a ticket and surprise your sweetie pie with a tropical vacation for Christmas! 
  • We're reminded that no marriage is perfect, which means there is no such thing as the perfect husband OR the perfect wife. Unless you're talking about a podcast, then here she is.
  • We've heard from our listeners about chronic pain, not having kids, sleeping in separate beds, sleeping in separate cities, armoires, birthday slip-ups and so much more. 
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  • Leave your feedback about our show in the form of an iTunes review and don't worry about Jessie's feelings, because we've got a big goal to reach! 
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